Joyce’s Formals was once the home of Jeff & Jacque Waite.
This house is depicted on the Hueytown Historical Society Pins.

Joyce Freeman

Joyce’s Formals is located in a historic home in Hueytown. For almost 34 years it has been a premiere destination for pageant contestants. It is a one stop shop for all your pageant needs. Joyce’s carries a huge selection of evening gowns, prom gowns, cocktail dresses and girl pageant dresses from all the top designers.

Once you’ve selected the perfect wardrobe, you can complete your glamour transformation by visiting Joyce’s salon upstairs, where you will be pampered by their exceptional team of licensed cosmetologists. The salon offers full hair care as well as spray tans and make-up for your pageant or special event.

When you walk through the doors of Joyce’s, you not only become a customer, you become part of a tradition that has produced local, state, national and international titleholders.

Sharon Fondren Newton

Denise Edwards Dunkin


Madeline Gwin • Mrs. Alabama America®, Ms. America®, Mrs. World® 3rd Alt. (2015)

Elizabeth Boger • Mrs. Alabama America®, Mrs. America® Top 15 (2019).

Mary Hall • Mrs. Alabama America® (2018)

Brittany Scoggins • Mrs. Alabama America® (2017)

Amanda Tapley • Miss Alabama (2008)

Baylee Smith • Miss Alabama USA® (2017)

Madeline Mitchell • Miss Alabama USA®, Miss USA® 2nd Alt. (2011)

Carla Bauhman • Miss Alabama Teen USA® (2006)

Jessica Tinney • Miss Alabama USA® (2005)

Julie Love Templeton • Mrs. Alabama America®, Ms. America®, Mrs. World® 3rd Alt. (2002)

Kristi Phillips • Mrs. Alabama America®, Ms. America®, Mrs. World® 3rd Alt. (2002)

Autum Smith • Miss Alabama USA® • Miss USA Top 10® (1997); Miss Alabama Teen USA®(1993)